Friday, February 27, 2009

Want to be able to use your PSP picture tubes in GIMP?

Want to be able to use your PSP picture tubes in GIMP? It’s easy to do, if you still have PSP loaded on your computer. 
Just open the picture tube image in Paint Shop Pro [*.psptube] (not a picture tube on a new image), which can be found in Documents/My PSP Files/Picture Tubes or (My Documents/My PSP Files/Picture Tubes for XP users) and EXPORT that tube image as a PNG file with an alpha transparency. Open this PNG file from GIMP and save it as a [*.gih] file into your GIMP brushes folder (this should be in Program Files/Gimp-2.0/Share/Gimp/2.0/brushes). When the Image Pipe Menu prompt shows up, its very similar to when you created the tube the first time, which asks you how many cells wide vs cells high, the spacing, etc.  
I don’t want to assume everyone knows how this is done, so if you didn’t make the tube yourself, when you open the image in PSP before exporting it as a PNG, make sure you take the cells arrangement into account BEFORE saving this file in GIMP (example: 4 cells wide by 3 cells high, consisting of 12 tubes on one image).
Finally, on the brushes pallette, click the “configure this tab” arrow button to the right of where it says “Brushes”, select Brushes Menu/Refresh Brushes. Your newly created GIMP tube should show somewhere on the pallette and become ready to use. Enjoy!