Thursday, April 9, 2009

PSPI Issues & Errors - Using Photoshop Plugins with GIMP


***PSPI plug-in site still down? Grab the plug-ins from Tor Lillqvist's alternate (permanent) website, here.***

I realize that many people are aware of how to use Photoshop plugins with GIMP by using the PSPI.exe plugin. The information for PSPI generated errors, however, are seriously outdated and still remain unanswered on numerous help forums across the internet.

After hours of frustration and numerous attempts to find solutions via Google searches, which turned up fruitless, I somewhat stumbled upon two incidents of where the PSPI plugin was creating errors, and thus finding the solution to solving them. First a little background on the two errors:

1) pspi.exe) > attempted to install a procedure with invalid UTF-8 strings - after extensive digging around for what this actually meant, in laymen's terms, I learned that some plugins within my plugins folder had charset(s) that were not UTF-8 encoded (like the German umlaut, for instance) within the plugin script, and PSPI was unable to process the script via GIMP. The problem for me here was that it also shut down the processing of ALL my plugins within that folder. The fix was to start fresh with a new plugin folder and move each plugin in one by one until I found the guilty plugin(s). I don't know of a quicker way to resolve this, and I am not claiming to have superior knowledge on the subject. If anyone out there knows a quicker way to finding the troubling plugin, please share it with us.

2) pspi: EnumResourceNames(PIPL) failed for (your specified directory location here) - I have no clue what this error is pointing to, although I somewhat understand what might have caused it. I had two instances of the same plugin in separate locations while having both folders being pointed to in the GIMP preferences. After I removed one folder from plugin preferences folders list , the error reproduced a second time on start-up, but quit displaying after the 3rd start-up. I am guessing it was a residual thing. Several people on various forums have claimed to get this error upon the first installation of a new plugin using GIMP.

For clarification purposes, I installed my pspi.exe file in my C:\Program Files\GIMP-2.0\lib\gimp\2.0\plugins folder. It is the first folder being referenced in my plugin preferences under Edit - Preferences - Plugins, and the first folder being pointed to using the Filters - Photoshop Plug-in Settings.

If you happened to find this post by Googling for how to use Photoshop Plugins in GIMP and have yet to use the PSPI plugin, go here and follow the instructions according to what operating system (OS) you are using with GIMP. I am using the Windows binary file within Vista.

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  1. I had similar problems with this as well, thanks for your tips.


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