Friday, June 12, 2009

GIMP: Endless Abstract Art Possibilities

I had to think a few minutes about how I worded the post's title. I'll be posting some uniquely interesting tutorial links to a few awesome GIMP tricks. I spent so much time just trying out the tips I discovered, that I ran out of time to post more about it. Just to leave you with a sample of what you can be expecting.

The possibilities are absolutely endless with GIMP. I'll post back again letting you know what filters you'll need to use to get these kind of effects, and more importantly send you off to one tutorial link so you can discover on your own just how easy it is to get lost in experimentation. For starters, visit's Abstract Art tutorial.

Another Signature tutorial can be found here,  by Pikaadvance @ DeviantArt.

Check back soon to get the additional filter tips I was referring to.

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If you intend to comment to complain about being unable to perform certain steps with tutorials, please explain where you are in the step process and what step you are unable to get to work correctly, instead of saying something like, "I can't do this!". Your comments will help get tutorial corrections made and help give clarification to future viewers who may have trouble in the same locations. Thank you. :)