Sunday, August 2, 2009

GIMP: Steam Wisps In 3 Simple Steps

Open a new drawing (360 x 480) with a black background.

Using the airbrush, paint a thin gray line in the middle of the drawing, like shown below:

Step 1: Using the Smudge tool, set its size to be double of the gray line you just created.

Step 2: Slowly drag the Smudge tool upwards through the gray line, taking your time to cover the entire line. Then slowly drag the Smudge tool back down from top to bottom, intentionally going outside of the line.

Step 3: This step is just cleaning up (or refining) the wisps you've just created in step 2 by dragging the Smudge tool from outside the line, halfway across the line. (Think of this effect as combing or brushing your hair, the hair being the newly created wisps, and the brush or comb being the Smudge tool.) You should have something that looks like this:

Practicing this technique often will improve the realism of the smoke wisp look.

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