Wednesday, September 2, 2009

GIMP: Ultimate GIMP Planet Tutorial

I was back to seeking out new GIMP tutorials (sort of saving the longer/harder tutorials for last) but surprisingly, this particular tutorial was long, but NOT hard to follow, at all. It involves Planet rendering, includes a modified render script to update GIMP with, and direct links to all the materials, textures, etc. You can find that tutorial here. I was pleasantly surprised to discover it to be relatively straightforward. My goal in doing this tutorial was to make a mock poster to play a joke on a good friend of mine, (Teggy R). I hope he understands my sense of humor and doesn't take offense. :) First, this is the result of my following along with the tutorial: 

The only thing I did differently was, I added effects from the SpaceScape script, to give the background a little bit of an extra galactic cloud look. The SpaceScape script can be found here
The joke I was aiming for, and the reason I followed the tutorial: 
(Beware of the NOOBS!)

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