Monday, March 1, 2010

GIMP Zig Zag Selection Trick by Saul Goode

Google has integrated my hobbies and interests into the "Recommended Reading" feeds on my Google Reader. In short, I just discovered the new feeds this morning and ran across Meet the GIMP by Rolf Steinort  (lots of video tutorials on GIMP, check out his site.)
Rolf brought up the zig zag trick here.  I googled "zig zag selection + saul goode" and got this hit.
Needless to say, I fired up GIMP and tested it, and was instantly impressed.
  • Select the top half of your layer, enter Quick Mask mode, and run
    "Filters->Distorts->Ripple" with the Smear, Vertical, and Sawtooth
    options (use the sliders to size your zigs and zags). Exit Quick Mask
Thanks to Saul Goode for the awesome tip! And to Rolf Steinort, for sharing it.

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