Thursday, December 30, 2010

So, You Want A Photoshop Gradient For GIMP, Huh?

I'm putting this out there because I ran across this issue when I was converting a Photoshop Tutorial using GIMP. The gradient in question wasn't available, so, like everyone else, I hit the internet and started searching for gradient conversion possibilities. Unfortunately, there are none.

No, Xnview doesn't work. No, renaming the file extension doesn't work. And NO, using the hex format via text file will not work, either. If none of these mentioned options jump out at you, don't fret, they don't work anyway.

But there is hope, and it's in the simple form of a very unique script, written by RobA. It's called Sample Gradient Along A Path, and can be found here.

Don't understand how to install scripts? No problem, read here.

Ok, now back to the gradients, and RobA's gem of a script:

The next best thing is finding an image of the gradient you want. There are many gradient images on the internet, most are small, but they will still work with this script. I typed :"PS gradients" searching under Images and found several. The gradient I was looking for was similar to metallic tubing, like copper, gold, or aluminum.

Some examples:

How to use the script:

Open any of the gradient images in GIMP, and select the Path tool. Set a Path across the gradient (like shown):

Right click on the Gradient Dialog (picture below shows the Gradient Dialog):

If you have the Sample Gradient Along A Path installed in the correct folder, when you right click in the above dialog, you should see it as an option in the menu selections. Choose it and the following menu pops up:

I doubled the samples and average, because I thought it would make the gradient more fluid. Then be sure to name your gradient, preferably not the same as an existing gradient. Click ok, and watch in the Gradient Dialog as your gradient is created.

That's it! You're done. Enjoy your new PS style gradient. :)

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