Sunday, November 13, 2011

GIMP Tutorial: Create Cool Text Art From Your Photographs Using GIMP

From this:

To this:
Take almost any image and convert it to text art using GIMP's GIMPressionist filter. Two things you need to know right off the bat:
1) You'll need to create a GIMPressionist brush (using a .pgm extension,NOT .gbr or .gih) and upload it to .gimp-2.6/gimpressionist/Brushes. You can make your text brush however you wish, unique to you. If yourgimpressionist folder doesn't have a Brushes folder, you'll need to create one or the brush may not work.
2) You'll need to use an updated version of G'MIC and Tom Kiel'sPhotoIllustration filter. You'll see me point out the Dragan preset in G'MIC, but I created that preset personally. You'll need to go toArtistic/PhotoIllustration and input the settings provided below and save the preset to your Faves. Run the filter a second time or run Colors – Curvesto darken it further:

My GIMPressionist brush looks like the following (feel free to use it, if you want, just be sure to change the extension to .pgm):

Now the video:

Best viewed FULL SCREEN.
Enjoy! :)

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