The content here was formerly hosted on a Wordpress blog at, which I have now migrated to Blogger. There are a lot of beginner tutorials hosted here and I didn't have the heart to just remove them from the web, outright.

If you came here from an older Wordpress link via a Google search, and by chance find yourself reading the "WTF!", not all the tutorials were migrated from the old website. All Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro tutorials were left out intentionally, to focus on just the GIMP tutorials. A link to the PSP tutorials are provided below. I will redo any PS tutorials using GIMP and post them at a later date, on this Blogger site. My apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Added also, are two pages I recently added to the site. Those are GIMP Tubes (PSP Tubes converted for use in GIMP) and Picture Frames and Masks, hosted by (on a free 2 gig account).

The PSP (Paint Shop Pro) tutorials have also been moved to its own Blogger account, and can be found at PSP Tricks and Tips. There aren't that many tutorials, but I decided to migrate them anyway.

If you're viewing this blog with Google Chrome and seeing advertisements in the sidebar. Go to the Google Chrome store and download Adblock (the older version will work just fine). Those pesky ads will be no more.

I hope you enjoy the tutorials.

 Thanks for stopping by. :)


  1. I do not want to complain, I can't figure out the digital paper from scrap girl's to make into stationary. I ask scrap girls and they said I'd need something like gimp. Please help I am a very very new beginner. Thank you, Thank you. Linda Calvert

  2. I'm going to need a lot more information in order to help you. Go to and download the program, for starters.


If you intend to comment to complain about being unable to perform certain steps with tutorials, please explain where you are in the step process and what step you are unable to get to work correctly, instead of saying something like, "I can't do this!". Your comments will help get tutorial corrections made and help give clarification to future viewers who may have trouble in the same locations. Thank you. :)